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Kevin Faulkner

I am an artist, poet, and recovering fool. I spent a long time living entirely out of alignment with my true self and higher purpose. But I refuse to do that any longer. There is more to this life than the woes that plague you, and I am trying my absolute best to find out what that is; what's there

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Wondered Bliss

The name stems from a poem of mine. There was a line that struck me as I wrote it, as if it had pinpointed exactly what I had been missing in my life; Wondered Bliss. I had found myself in a real darkness, locked in some pretty negative assumptions about life and love; as if I knew all there was to know. Surely, I had seen and learned a lot about history and the nature of man, through either education or experience. But I was far too cynical to see past my own ignorance. Primarily in regards to the source of life and its general purpose, let alone my purpose.

However, I don't blame myself for it anymore. I chalk it up to the process of learning, however painful of a process that may be. Despite any discomfort though, isn't this life fascinating? I find my greatest joy in the discovery of its secrets. But I also found my darkness in it too. There is a balance there that I have just begun to understand, and I feel so compelled to share it. So here I am, doing what I can. Sharing whatever wisdom I am able to muster, with the purest hope that it does some good in the world. Much love. 

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